Nautic Star Square
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Nautic Star Square

The Nautic Star Square is a high quality, beautiful hand-crafted teak table.

The Square is, needless to say square in shape with smooth rounded off edges. The centre of the Nautic Star Square table has been carefully embedded with the classical compass rose adding a touch of elegance.

The Square is a high quality, smooth, solid table of a simple design that is certain to have a big impact of the overall effect of any boat it is installed in.

The Square is constructed around a twice epoxy treated 12mm thick plywood core with 4mm thick teat slats applied to the plywood surface. A black caulking compound is used between each slat. This gives the Star Soft an overall depth of 16mm.

The Square is delivered to you in a natural state and is ready to be installed in your boat. However, depending on your needs or environment you may want to treat it - we strongly recommend the use of Semco Natural teak sealer if so, which is available under the Teak Sealer section.

The Nautic Star Square is available in six sizes available from the drop down box above:

MillimetersInches500mm x 500mm19.7" x 19.7"650mm x 650mm25.6" x 25.6"800mm x 800mm31.5" x 31.5"
Our Products
All our teak comes from state controlled teak plantations in Indonesia. The total area of the plantations has not expanded in 50 years. Through proper documentation, in accordance with the requirements of the FSC-standard, every delivery from EverythingBoat can be traced back to its place of origin in the plantation where the trees were harvested and replaced with new plants.
We only use the very best quality timber from selected trees, which is the area of the timber where the annual rings are closest together. There is a big difference between cheap, fast grown, thinning timber, often used for teak garden furniture, and the teak specially selected for the marine environment.
Each slat is carefully selected when joining the table together, to ensure that both the colour and the finished look will be in harmony.
Instructions for Use
Each table comes with instructions in several languages, which describe the best method for you to attach a support of your choice to the table top.
UK Delivery
48 hour courier.
International Delivery
Due to the huge quantity that we send abroad every year, we have negotiated special rates for our range of teak tables with our couriers. We offer a flat rate of £25 with express delivery to anywhere in the World with Fedex
Delivery is usually completed within two to seven working days.
Maximum delivery charge: £25 - If you would like more than one teak table there is no further charge!


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